Detoxing Foot Spa

Feeling tired, stressed and run-down?
Refresh, recharge and relax with a Detoxing Foot Spa…

invigorating foot spa

Do you know why you feel so good swimming in the ocean?
Or sitting by a riverbank?
Or bathing in the spray of a waterfall?

The answer is not what you’d expect… Running water of all kinds is known to release tens of thousands of negative ions into the air. These odourless, tasteless and invisible molecules are especially abundant near pounding waterfalls, crashing waves and fast-flowing rivers.

Negative ions release ‘feel-good’ endorphins into the bloodstream, leaving you feeling relaxed, calm and rejuvenated. Now you can grab your own little piece of harmony with an invigorating 30min Detoxing Foot Spa.

Why a Detoxing Foot Spa is Loved by
Today’s Busy Woman and Men…

It’s so easy…

You simply slip your tired feet in a warm clear footbath. The Ion Spa then safely generates a small electric current into the water, creating negative ions. Bio-energy is created in the footbath just like a thermal spring, allowing your body to recharge gently and naturally.

It naturally combats your toxic environment…

Our modern environment leaves us exposed to large amounts of contamination.

Stress, heavy metals, toxins and electromagnetic pollution from mobile phones often leave us out-of-balance energetically. We often ignore the signs urging us to take better care of ourselves. Modern, high-stress lifestyles often don’t allow the time we need to literally ‘get some fresh air’. Without helping our bodies to detox, our mental and physical wellbeing becomes ever more damaged by pollutants.

Inner Health Hub is a safe and relaxing environment for rebalancing your body, mind and spirit.

Give your body the break it deserves with the help of negative ions.

You deserve it… it’s all about you…

Care for yourself with the help of negative ions. These tiny helpers in the air are just molecules with an extra negatively charged electron. They are naturally generated by water in various states of motion. Negative ions have been known to benefit the body by stimulating healing mechanisms, increasing blood flow and positively affecting many bio-chemical processes. Studies have also shown negative ions to be effective in reducing the severity of depression.

So start taking better care of yourself today… 
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and enjoy some pampering with a gentle Detoxing Foot Spa.

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