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The “New You” is Just 21 Days Away!

Inner Health Hub’s
21 Day Body Transformation Program is Here!

Everything You Need to Regain Your Energy, Confidence and Happiness, Presented in One Package Which Won’t Break the Bank!

You deserve to feel at your very best every day of the week. Only trouble is, with modern life being so busy, placing multiple demands on you and your time, it often just seems too hard, doesn’t it?

Yes, the odd treatment here and there, while good, simply doesn’t get to the heart of the problem.

So to help you overcome this “modern life syndrome” we’ve put together what we believe is the most powerful package available today to help create the “NEW YOU” in the shortest time possible.

You could be just 21 days away from feeling the best you have in years!

Inner Health Hub Inner Health Hub

Of course this is drug-free and pain-free and uses only the latest start of the art equipment and techniques.

The best part is this package saves you $686.00 off retail prices!!

Each treatment is spaced out and placed strategically for maximum healing impact.

Inner Health Hub

Here’s how the program works. You receive…

Inner Health Hub's Body Transformation Program ONLY $699


21-Days Body Transformation Program


1 x 30 minute Health and Vitality Consultation in our rooms. This is the vital first step to setting the parameters for your treatment

$194 value

6 x Colonic Hydrotherapy Sessions (2 per week)


3 x Infrared Sauna sessions (1 per week)


3 x Detoxing Foot Spas (1 per week)


Ph strips


21 Days Step by Step Guide which walks you through everything you need to do to return to optimum health. Includes organic recipes for healthy eating


3 x ‘Health Progress Check-in’ follow up phone calls to help keep you on track and address any physical or emotional issues which arise during your treatments


TOTAL VALUE of package:



All you invest is:



TOTAL Savings:




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